Our headquarters are situated in via Sogare n.5 Verona, near the stadium and the palasport centre; here we have our office block, a main parking area and a workshop for repairs and maintenance.
A second parking area is directly in front of our headquarters; here trailers await loading or unloading.

A third parking area is situated in Verona, in via della Meccanica n.1, on the Bassona industrial estate, which is right by the north verona motorway exit; here, too, trailers can park and find a workshop for repairs and maintenance.

Our future premises, situated in Lugagnano (VR) are 1 km. form the north Verona motorway exit and geographically in a strategic position given the proximity of the Brennero motorway; a goods shed for loading/unloading and storage, an ample office block and vehicle parking facilities will be built on an area exceeding 40.000 square metres.
Mondialtrans s.r.l., sede legale ed amministrativa: via Sogare, 5, 37138 Verona Italia, tel (+39) 0458102154 - 0458102164, fax: (+39) 0458102174, e-mail: mondialtrans@tin.it, sito internet: www.trasportimondialtrans.com